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We’ve made significant progress on improving our inspection results. The PCAOB inspection cycle having recently been completed, and our own internal inspection cycle also having been concluded, I feel really good about the progress we’ve made. Only one engagement of the 52 that were subject to inspection being included in part 1.A, that reflects a number of steps we’re taking to enhance our assurance work. We’ve seen a lot more consistency and execution across our entire portfolio. It really reflects the positive investments we’ve made and the leadership of our people.” PwC has continued to invest in the latest auditing technology as well to automate the routine processing of transactions, while emphasizing the critical thinking skills that auditors need to combine with the technology. PwC will be dealing with the incoming Biden administration and a new Securities and Exchange Commission chairman, Gary Gensler, who is likely to increase enforcement at the SEC. Bricker, a former chief accountant at the SEC, was asked what he thought of what stance the SEC and the PCAOB might take with enforcement now. “It’s impossible to know how the incoming chair will leave his mark on the mission of the agency,” he responded. “We will stay focused on what we can control: the quality of the work that we do.” After the riots in the Capitol this month, PwC issued a statement last week pulling back on its political action committee contributions. “Over the years, the PwC PAC has taken a bipartisan approach to supporting federal candidates and elected officials who are aligned with certain business and professional interests of PwC partners,” said the firm on Twitter . “The attack on the US Capitol was deeply disturbing and goes against everything we stand for in our democracy. Given this moment in history, the PwC PAC has suspended all political contributions to any member of Congress who voted to object to the certification of electoral votes. We will continue to evaluate our contribution strategy taking into account our purpose and values. And PwC looks forward to doing our part to help our great nation come together and heal.” Other Big Four firms have made similar statements. “I certainly associate myself with the PwC PAC statement, which we released and I support,” said Bricker. “But I would say more broadly we’re really focused on the purpose of the firm, which is building trust in society and solving problems, living out our values, and supporting our people with the technology and the skill sets that they need to really bring our purpose to life.” One area where he plans to increase the firm’s assurance work is in environmental, social and governance reporting. “What I see is a continued increase in the number of companies that are preparing, producing and publishing ESG information,” said Bricker. “But I also see an increase in the use of that information in the marketplace to make investment decisions, so correspondingly I see a role for assurance in building trust in the information that’s increasingly being delivered into the marketplace. I do see a place for us to increase the confidence in the quality of that information.” Overall, Bricker hopes to improve audit quality further at PwC. “I’m thrilled that we’ve made progress,” he said.

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Gerald Parks, 87, is a longtime resident on Hamilton Mason Road with property along both sides... That property also is pop over to these guys directly across the street from land he recently acquired from his parents near Maud Hughes Road, county property records and state business filings show. Sheriff Jones said detectives have interviewed county officials and trustees in both West Chester and Liberty Townships as potential witnesses. The findings will be turned over to the Ohio Ethics Commission and Butler County Prosecutor’s Office to review, according to the sheriff. Sheriff: Investigation underway into auditor’s potential conflict of interest In an interview last month, Reynolds dismissed suggestions his attempt to secure public funding could pose a potential conflict of interest, saying: “I am just helping my dad trying to start to downsize his assets as they get older.” He also said: “I didn’t see anything wrong with it at all. TIFs are used to make road improvements to further some of the development in this area.” It’s not his property, he stressed, saying he has no financial benefit. We also contacted him for comment a few days later, after the sheriff told us the matter was under investigation . At that time, Reynolds remained firm there was no issue and stressed he was within his rights as a “private citizen.” “Just like I told you on Friday,” he said on Monday, Aug. 30, “it was nothing that took place within my office related to this project and because of that, as of private citizen I am allowed to make requests of other offices. So nothing was wrong with what I did.” The Ohio Ethics Commission website states: “Remember, public servants may NOT take any action in matters that definitely and directly affect themselves, their family members, or their business associates.” “When someone in public service is confronted with a conflict of interest, he or she must completely abstain from making decisions about or influencing how the matter is resolved.” Under Ohio’s conflict of interest statute, “use of authority” could include using your office to try and influence other office holders. Penalties for violating ethics laws vary. A finding of “use of authority” is a misdemeanor punishable up to a $1,000 fine and/or up to six months in jail. “I am glad to see the Sheriff’s Office and now the Attorney General are taking these allegations seriously,” said Chip Goff, attorney for longtime Hamilton Mason Road resident Gerald Parks. He says they are considering litigation against Reynolds in both his personal and professional capacity. Parks, 87, his daughter and his attorney all tell FOX19 NOW Reynolds offered to buy 15 acres of his land in 2015 for less that what Parks felt was fair in the current market value. The property has since been appraised at $2 million, according to Goff and Parks’ daughter. The elderly resident was struggling with his wife’s terminal cancer diagnosis at the time. He ultimately turned down Reynolds offer after his daughter says she found out and raised concerns.